Frequently asked questions

What is Scratch Day?

Scratch Day is a ‘free to play’ mobile app developed and published by Viker Limited ( which allows you to play a variety of virtual scratchcards with no annoying in-app purchases. We give you the chance to win real money every day! 

How do I download Scratch Day on my Android device?

You can find us on Google Play, or follow the link:

Will it cost me money to play Scratch Day?

NO! Scratch Day is totally free to play! Spread the word! 


Can I win real money?

Yes, you can! As long as you have a PayPal account, once you have got to £10, €10 or $10 then simply press the redeem button and complete the very simple on-screen steps. Please note, however, that if you don’t log-in to Scratch Day at any time for a continuous period of 90 days then any money accumulated will be lost. 


How do I get my money?

We pay out via PayPal so please make sure you give us your correct PayPal email address when you hit the £10, €10 or $10 cash out.

What happens if PayPal isn’t available?

Unfortunately PayPal does not operate in the following countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Turkey and Uzbekistan. If you live in any of these places unfortunately you will not be able to redeem any winnings but you will still be able to download and play the game for free.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once we receive your claim, we check that you’re a verified user and confirm your app history. If this is all good, we aim to pay within 3-7 days of such verification. Payments are made Monday – Friday. 

What are the tokens for?

You can win tokens by playing scratchcards. Once you have reached the required threshold tokens can then be exchanged for cash. Again, however, if you don’t log-in to Scratch Day at any time for a continuous period of 90 days then any tokens accumulated will be lost.

How can I earn more tokens?

You can earn extra tokens which are credited directly to your in-game balance by following the ‘Free tokens’ link in the menu and getting friends to use your invite code (maximum 15 referrals per person), following us on Facebook and Instagram and by downloading another of our free-to-play games ‘Spin Day’.

Why do we show ads? 

Like you guys, we need to eat, so this is how we make money to make sure that Scratch Day always remains free! We will always ask you before we use any of your data to show personalised advertising and you can change this setting at any time via the Menu options. More details on how we use your personal data are set out in our privacy policy.

Why do my tokens and cash get reset after a 90 day period of inactivity?

We make frequent updates to Scratch Day and want to ensure we have an active user base. All you have to do is to log-in to Scratch Day at any time before 90 days is up and you won’t be subject to this reset. 

How do I get in touch with you?

Simple, just email us and if you can add some details of your enquiry as well as your Game ID that would be great.

Alternatively, find us on social media where we post news and updates and regularly run competitions, giveaway tokens, prizes and cash!

Instagram: @scratchdayapp
Twitter: @scratchday1


Where can I find my Game ID?

You can find your Game ID at the top of the settings page in the menu.